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Our Program

Institute for Health Nurse

At IHM, we offer an effective three-part program that deals with the all phases of weight management — not just weight loss. We recognize that our emphasis on making lifestyle changes to lose as well as to maintain the weight loss through a change in diet and physical activity is the best choice.

The Three Phases

Phase 1: The Supplemented Fast
This phase begins with a medically supervised fast. You drink a high-quality supplement that provides the necessary vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. You are carefully monitored by an IHM physician to ensure your body is appropriately responding to the treatment. This method achieves rapid and safe weight loss of about 3 pounds weekly for females and about 6 pounds weekly for males. Unique to this approach is the virtual absence of physical hunger.

2. The LEARN Program
LEARN stands for Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude, Relationship, and Nutrition and runs for 16 weeks. At this phase, you will be close to your ideal weight and our experienced behaviorists and dietitians will help through a long term follow-up to enable you to maintain your weight loss. After 8 weeks of the LEARN program, a blood panel including cholesterol levels and a medical visit will assess your progress.

3. Maintenance
At this phase, our experienced team continues to teach you new skills through an on-going lecture series. This means you get the necessary information that helps in keeping weight off.

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